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The MONDAY Slow Down card deck is based on the concept of yin&yang balance, but also the elements of Nature. This cards deck features 32 beautifully designed cards which provide you with a nice balance among active and calm, trust and let go, but also stillness and movement.

The Slow Down card deck's language is ENGLISH.


Content: 32 intentioncards+instructions card

Weight: 205 gram

Measurements: 13,9 cm (l) x 9,9 cm (b) x 2,7 cm (d)

Language: EN

Free pickup in Amsterdam

Shipping costs within the Netherlands: starting from 4,50 €


How do u use this card deck?

U should feel free to explore and use the cards ur own way: u can ask an overt or covert question, u can focus on a specific intention for the day or week or randomly pick a card when u feel like.

Trust that the message of the card u've intuitively chosen will always arrive at the right moment.


Samples of questions u can focus on while picking a card of the MONDAY Slow Down carddeck:

What is my intention for this week or day?

Where should I focus on this week?

What may I let go of?


What will u get out of using the Slow down cards deck?

With the Slow Down cards you will get more in touch with ur intuition, ur authentic self and take a moment to reflect and therefore increase your selfcare. U can really tune in with what u innerly need in that moment.

Let these intentions-cards help u finding, rediscovering and strenghtening ur connection with ur authentic self in your daily life, so that u can 100% live ur life from an authentic place of freedom and flow.


Cris approved ✅

Slow Down card deck

€ 34,00Prijs
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